X Huawei Themes

We are really excited to be partnering with Huawei once again, this time to launch their new X Huawei Themes. A visual feast of our watercolour art to create four striking themes for downloadable phone wallpapers.

Birds of Paradise

With beautiful wings she flies. Beautiful watercolour paintings of birds of paradise in flight on tropical pink backgrounds.

Black Magic

The elusive leopard creates mystique. A beautiful illustration of a blue leopard found amongst the tropical roses. Painted flowers and a beautiful butterfly captured on a black magic background.

Tropical Giraffes

The three giraffes painted on hot pink backgrounds surrounded by tropical plants and greeted by an exotic bird.

Fanciful Floral.

Spring has sprung! A burst of colourful blooms. Painted pretty floral with delicate butterflies on teal and dusty pink backgrounds.

You can download our art themes here. I hope you love them as much as we do. https://campaign-dre.music.hicloud.com/camp/395317342919221248/index.html?operator=t2&share=true&isext=false

To celebrate the launch of their campaign we have designed a range of Claire Louise phone cases and cushions with our bespoke designs. Please visit our website to see the full range.

Phone Cases https://claire-louise.co.uk/product/blue-leopard-3d-iphone-case/

Cushions https://claire-louise.co.uk/product/bewitched-cushion/