Rainbow Mountain

Hi everyone. How are you all? I know we are living through some strange and difficult times at present. Everyone copes in different ways. I have tried to keep my mind busy through painting. I have come up with a small collection of artworks that are very different to my recent projects. It’s called ‘Rainbow Mountain’. We all look for the rainbow and in order to see it we have to climb to the other side of the mountain. On our way up we share positive vibes to our friends and loved ones to stay on track and keep going. At present I only have six designs in this range and I have decided to print them onto cushions. Something to hold onto for comfort or to rest your head on if you’re feeling a little bit under the weather. Anyway, I hope you like them. Stay safe and positive. Love Claire. X https://claire-louise.co.uk/product-category/cushions/rainbow-cushions-positive-vibes/